Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thank You, Boyfriend!


Ladies, we have a luxury that is often taken for granted. Button-down shirts, pant suits, boyfriend jeans, loafers...the list goes on. We get to freely experience the joy of taking classic menswear and making it CUTER.

I kid! But it is totally fun to experiment with what is traditionally made for men and adding that feminine flair for a whole new look. Whether it's accessorizing a collared shirt with a big statement necklace (could trade for a dainty one; depends on the day) or pairing a sweet pencil skirt with a sleek loafer, there are a million ways to be inspired.

Stylin' Snaps :: Wicked in Topshop Tulle

Quick post of an outfit I wore a while ago. I'm so late, but I felt so good in it, I wanted to share:

Friday, May 30, 2014

Reminiscing in Abstract Print


     It's about summer (dress) time! I made a trip to my alma mater for Memorial Day weekend where I hoped to enjoy the beach town and some good company. For my outfit, I went with something simple, but fun: a colorful day dress and a pair of strappy sandals. This dress is one of my favorite finds from when I was still a college student at UC Santa Cruz. The abstract design reflects the vibrant, artistic vibes from campus, while the soft flow of the hem is reminiscent of ocean view strolls by Westcliff. Knowing it would be breezy by the beach and cold in the evening, I layered a dotted button down over the dress and tied the ends to keep a  more defined waist line.

I was so thankful for some time with friends and family, as well as coming back to a short week!  Happy Friday, friends!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood

     Spring weather where the sun is out with the breezy wind still blowing is how I like my days best. As days get hotter, I'll miss it. It's perfect for layering and creating interesting looks. As much as I appreciate the hot summer sun, it's not the most accommodating for my current vice: great outerwear. For most girls, it's shoes and handbags that bring out the shopoholic; but lately, it's the blazers, trench coats, and vests that get my blood pumping. So, I'm posting this before it's totally irrelevant. When I saw this red beauty by BCBG (bought from Loehmann's) last November, I swooned. If Little Red Riding Hood opted for something more modern and practical, while still keeping it chic and wolf-killer bold, this would be it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tres Leches Recipe


     The tres leches from Porto’s Bakery is magical! People go nuts on the guava-cheese pastry and the potato balls; but my absolute favorite confection thus far, is that spongy, milky, heavenly cake. The first time I had some was when my boyfriend, Chris, brought it to me after a six hour drive back from his hometown in the LA area. I haven’t tried that many, but I know I love that cake, and I trust Porto’s to make it.When I don’t have them though, which are most days, I go to the next best thing: my kitchen. I looked at a couple recipes and it’s actually quite easy to make, just time consuming. So, I took bits and pieces from the recipes I liked from allrecipes.com and made some additions here and there.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Summer, Spring, & Pretty Things

Summer, Spring, & Pretty Things

     It's heating up folks (at least in sunny California)! I'm starting to store away the fluffy coats and trading in for floral everything. There's nothing more fun and adorable than a printed sun-dress for brunch with the girls or long walks on the beach. And for now, it's all about transition, so have fun layering vests and scarves over those plain white tees for casual-chic outings.

Take a gander at some of my favorite looks and check back often for more

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WWW: ASOS floral skort

When I was thinking about today's Weekly Wednesday Wish, I knew this skort would be perfect to feature. The bright, colorful, floral pattern screams Spring! Whimsical pieces such as this get me excited for a season of warm strolls in the park and getting bites to eat outside.

Shop this look here.