Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Chill Chic


     Today's look is a dream for me! You could say that I have very flashy and glam tendencies, but I try to tone it down and keep it laid back. To do this, I usually try to take a neutral and comfy outfit as a backdrop for pops of bright color, metallic accents, or louder animal prints. This outfit embodies that chill (it's on the sweatshirt after all) look with an adventurous and daring element.  Neutral colors black, grey, blue, along with the simple cuts of a sweatshirt and skinny jean make great bare bones that complement and showcase the bold leopard in the boot and bright gold in the watch. I like this formula because it's an effective, tasteful way to embrace experimental and playful design.

This look is styled by me at Keaton Row. Every day this week, I'll be adding a new post to my lookbook, "Priscilla's Picks for the New Year." So, get the look here and check back for more:

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