Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Easy-going Sophisticates


      When I think "sophisticated," I think of people who demonstrate taste and poise. I think button-downs and blazers. A button-down shirt is a staple in any woman (and man's) closet. Do it in a silky print to add some flare to an otherwise neutral palette, and pair it with a black legging pant like the ones you see here, for a more casual take on a classic black trouser. I like the look of a long button-down layered over a legging rather than a trouser because it's super comfy and easy-going alternative that doesn't necessarily compromise on keeping it lady-like. 
     Although, there still seems to be a difference between leggings and legging-pants. Generally, I like the top to cover the crotch and at least half of the booty, otherwise I find that I look like I'm wearing long-johns and feel a little naked walking out in public. But, legging-pants may be more substantial in the material, and the cut, less underwear/pantyhose-like. In this case, I have no verdict yet. So let me know what you think!
     The blazer is a great completer piece. It ties an outfit together in a way that makes very casual pieces look night-on-the-town ready. It's not just with button-downs and leggings. Same seems to be the case when layered over a tee and jeans. Also adding dainty, white accessories keeps the look fairly understated, but with a pop of interest.
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